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  • Date Night with Cacti

    Life is getting so busy. We are in the season where sometimes it feels like my husband and I are ships passing in the night. We both work from home, ...

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    Date Night with Cacti
  • A family canvas

    We live in a very digital age. I snap a pic of my children, and there it lies forever in my 6inch screen never to be seen unless shared on social ...

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    A family canvas
  • Mist all the hairs away!

    I have extremely hair. I have a lot of it, but its so fine that it is harder to style. I find that every tool I use causes damage, or it makes my baby ...

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    Mist all the hairs away!
  • Your Skin Game Changers

    I am approaching 34 years of life( I'm just as shocked as you)  I have made some major skin mistakes in my younger days, but it's funny how you really ...

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    Your Skin Game Changers
  • Kong the King Dog

    If you have been following me for awhile, I have posted about this adorable Dalmatian on my Instastories but I haven't formally introduced ...

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    Kong the King Dog