I am so Hollywood Glamorous


What is it about??? I’ve been hearing about it on the radio, on the internet, and even saw
it on Pinterest.

GLAMGLOW – It’s a new facial mask/spot treatment.

This was definitely a must see and a brilliant excuse to visit Sephora. Walking through
the magic doors….there it was, saying “Hello Gorgeous”. Wonderfully packaged in
cream, silver edged and shiny, I touched it, all $69.00 of it.

“Super mud, acnedicic, pore-matrix, and bio-life-science”, reads the information
pamphlet. GLAMGLOW had me at “Super mud…

It was the last jar, waiting just for me. I grabbed it, went to pay and ooops, a few other
items seemed to have fallen into my basket…how did they get there?

I washed my face and smeared it on my nose. It takes only 15 minutes to work its
GLAMagic and WOW! I have normal to oily skin, large pores and black heads.
GLAMGLOW gave me beautiful nose skin.

The feel is earthy and smells of green exotic tea. It’s a little tingly. I like tingly – lets me
know it’s working. The dried mud exfoliates during washing and there was no painful
burning or irritation. It left my skin soooooo soft and clean.

Is it worth the money? It is if you love the mini-at-home spa feeling and the lush green,
earthy smell. It made me feel better than good so for me it was sublime.

Get a sample from Sephora and try it! Don’t let them talk you into buying without trying
first. Comments and reviews are more than welcome!

     Play in the mud and be happy!

This is the photo from the Glam Glow Site
These are my pics 
Maybe, I will figure out how to give one of these beauties away!


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