Pregnancy Essentials

Looking good and being pregnant are sometimes two different things.  But there are a few easy things that can help you look and feel good while you’re waiting.

I’m now in my second trimester.  Time has gone by fast but I still have some months to go.  Being pregnant for the first time is like an adventure.  You don’t know what to expect so you need some help along the way.  A few of my insta-friends and blog followers are pregnant as well. We are always sharing tips and tricks. I put together a few of them I feel are a MUST in the 1st trimester to the second and beyond. 

Searching for shirts that cover your derriere are hard to find.  These shirts are soft, long and comfortable AND are a “grow into” style. They are very inexpensive IF you buy when they are on sale. Right now is offering 40% off the purchase of full price items with Code REMEDY. You cannot beat that price.

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I’ve never worn leggings until I got pregnant, but I am noticing more and more how many women wear them and no wonder! They are crazy comfortable. These two styles from the Gap are my favorite. I like the low rides because they fit under my baby bump on days I feel so large. The full panel style offers great support and they are so amazingly soft. Buy these on sale as well. They are so worth it.  They wash well, don’t pill and can be worn again if you plan on more little bumps in the future.

The Belly Band

This product has serious mixed reviews. Some girls HATE it, while others love it. I am in-between. It does help with jeans I cannot button or zip. But it always has to be adjusted when you get out of the car, or out of a chair. It rides a little bit, but It does hold up my jeans. If you are undecided and using the pony tail band trick as a button, try the belly band. If you don’t like it most places will let you return it.

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Jeans are difficult.  It’s hard to find a pair that are really comfortable but you can’t wear leggings every day.  I bought a full panel pair at H&M that look and feel great.  Plus H&M prices for these jeans are hard to beat.

Pea In the Pod is not the place to buy a pair of Hudson Full Panel jeans for $35.  But you can find them for that price on Ebay.  However you can buy the $130 pair for $100 on sale at Pea In the Pod on line if you would like.

The white toothpick pocket panel jeans from J.Crew are at the top of my list as well. The panel support helps keep them on your ever growing hips. I also found these J.Crew jeans on eBay for $10.00.

It’s hard to buy maternity clothes when the window of time to wear them is so small. So search for options like eBay or ThreadUp for less expensive purchases.  When buying on line, make sure to ask questions and get good pictures of the items. Sometimes you can end up buying something that was stretched out to its full use or in terrible condition. The two pairs of pants I bought were practically brand new with no signs of wear.

I hope this makes searching for good quality, comfortable maternity clothes at reasonable prices helps.

Tomorrow I will share my pregnancy skin care musts. I have a  whole new skin care line, plus body products that should be used pregnant or not!

Happy Monday everyone, Thanks for reading!


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