Younique Mascara Review

Its been seen all over social media and websites. This amazing too good to be true wonder in a bottle that instantly makes your eyelashes longer and fuller. I have always had a hard time with finding my own miracle mascara. I will admit my lashes are long. I get asked all the time if they are fake. My little sister has longer lashes than I do! So does this stuff REALLY work?!


The process of application is a little more intricate than just a few swipes.

This is a 3 part process

First photo is no mascara!


Curl your lashes and apply your regular mascara


Then apply one coat all over your top lashes with the transparent gel. Make sure you take quality time and coat all your lashes, then add the fibers (very gently) I say gently because they are literally fibers, they attach to the gel and elongate your natural lashes. This is what creates the false lash look!


After you apply the fibers, then coat your lashes again with the gel. Take your time and ensure all lashes are coated. If you don’t  you will get flake fibers under you eyes! You can potentially make spidey lashes, but be generous with the gel. Thats what helps add the fullness and capture the fibers. If you don’t like the look, then take a lash comb to your lashes and then apply a little more gel


The after is very noticeable. I do see a significant length difference in my lashes. It did take me a few times to get it right. Getting your lashes fully covered and not freaking out about how much mascara is on your lashes. Don’t think of it as mascara but more like a base, color, and top coat! But they look like false lashes. Exactly as described! I think its a great product! But practice makes perfect!


I do think it is worth the money and it is a good product. Its not my everyday mascara but wonderful on my photo shoot days, or those times when you want an extra va-va-voom on your eyes!!

You can purchase your own set for $29.00 at Mya’s Online Shop 

Has anyone ever used this before? Love it? Hate it? I would love to know your thoughts!

Thank you Mya for allowing me to try this great product! To read reviews and learn more see here


UPDATE: This photo was taken on my way home from work. Mascara is still in tact and eyelashes look super long!


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