The Truth about Pregnancy

There really is no truth. In fact no one can prepare you for the adventure you are about to embark on once you see those double lines on the pregnancy test. Once you hear the heartbeat no one can reveal or explain the personal emotions that run through your mind and heart as you start a journey that is unlike anything you have ever traveled upon.

What I have learned so far is that the saying “to each her own” is more true in pregnancy than anything else. I think pregnancies are like snowflakes. No two are the same. There are subtle differences and outward similarities, but no two will be identical. In fact, this pregnancy won’t be the same as my next one.

I have realized that everyone wants to give you advice, sometimes it can sound more like a command than words of wisdom. I have learned to just listen. Not respond! Perhaps I’m a novice but instinctively we make choices not particularly out of knowledge but of discernment and love.  Reaching out for help is natural but many times they seem like old wives tales and what works for some can be a mistakes for others. But in the end I knew I would find those answers for myself. I hope to keep this in mind for future reference. I bet I will be the type of person who starts blabbing, telling some little girl who’s 7 months pregnant what to do when she gets back aches!

I am anxious to meet this little boy who has a blast kicking my ribs all day.  Spring is almost here which means it’s getting closer to the day when I’ll get to see his little face!

Photos by Taylor White


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