Causal Days

I’m packing up my life.  As I look at the boxes I’m thinking, “What if I pack things I misjudged I wouldn’t need”?  Pregnancy  brain is real!  My life is as disorganized as the messes all over my house.  Moving,  a road trip, a new baby, unpacking…what was I thinking?

Like the affects of change in your life, they seem to carry you along without a lot of control just a lot of planning, so it seems with pregnancy.  It takes a lot of planning and yet it moves along without much control.  It affects your body in the wildest ways like stretch marks, huge thighs ( for me) not to mention my expanding behind.

These last months of pregnancy are stretching my body to the limits as I watch my skin stretch in streaks, the official marks of motherhood.  The body I once knew was reliable and familiar.  Now it seems foreign as it expands to accommodate this baby.  I’m on the road, of course I don’t want to stop.  The adventure ahead is exciting, scary but the most fulfilling of life’s experiences.

In the meantime, comfortable is a necessity.  Mostly, at this point, I’m wearing my comfy maternity pants.  But I’m realizing maxi skirts and dresses are more comfy and easier to wear.  Today’s causal look sends all the right vibes as we prepare to leave Vegas. The beach is calling.  On somedays, I just want to throw everything away and just GO!


Shirt: Gap Maternity Skirt: c/o Pink Blush Maternity  Tote: Old Navy Shoes: Nordstrom Rack Sunglasses: Ray-Ban Earrings: Nordstrom

Bracelets: Kate Spade & StellaDot Hat: Zara (old)






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