Happy 4th of July

The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays not only because of the amazing displays of magical fireworks and smokey barbecue, it truly fills my heart with patriotic pride.  The flag raising at those Memorial Day picnics and singing The Star Spangled Banner brings tears to my eyes.  Every time.  It reaffirms to me how great our country is and the freedoms we enjoy.

This year is especially exciting as we have this cute little 3rd wheel with us!

When I found out I was having a boy it occurred to me matching outfits were going to be very hard.  Yes, I’m that type of mom who would have wanted a daughter to dress up to match!  But I’m finding it’s not too hard and more fun than I expected.

I love being a mom.   I am completely in love with this sweet little boy.  Even when it’s hard, the late nights, mommy guilt (already!) and lack of alone time, I just look at Dax’s little face and all that melts away. 

However, there are those days when I have felt completely exhausted.  I think working out would help but the energy to even think about it makes me tired.  The thought flickers in my mind, my body says, “seriously”?  I think about running but isn’t that all I do, although for short distances.  Squats?  Don’t I do that every time I pick up Dax?  So for now, the pounds will stay parked in the worst places and I’ll try to run up and down the stairs a few extra times so I can enjoy some 4th of July barbecue, cake and a Coke.   

Happy 4th everyone!


Dress: c/o Shop Pink Blush Shoes: Sole Society Earrings: c/o Le Boutique

Dax’s Outfit Onsie: Baby Gap Shorts: Baby Gap, Similar







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