Red all Over

Life changes like my clothes these days, or rather my clothes size.  Well…no.  Life changes far more quickly. It’s those self confidence issues that made my husband take 50 pictures for this post.  The clothes size is not getting smaller fast enough.

Pressure to get back into shape after the baby body took over is daunting.  Looking in a full length mirror at Target is frightening.  That’s rare, though, and a good thing.  Target shopping isn’t what it used to be post baby.

Who are those women who can get back into pre-pregnancy clothes in an unrealistic amount of time?  They aren’t real women, I am convinced.  Or they have nanny’s, a wet nurse, trainers who are task masters and  a chef who is a fataphobic.

I can’t lie.  I compare, compare  compare me to other women who walk around with a two month old in size 0 jeans.  Curse them!

     It’s typical that many unfortunate events happen after a move, a pregnancy, then a baby accompanied by the typical stresses of being a mom, a wife and a person.  But the frosting on the cake is unemployment.  Hubby is out of work so I’ll take chocolate frosting with chocolate on top.  Flabby middle, baby induced sleep deprivation, junk food on the run….someone give me a damn coke!  Now the cake – over time working when there isn’t time to work.  Forget the shower.  Brushing teeth takes two minutes away from my work time.  Out goes my stuff and things that make me “me”.

Life is exhausting when there’s no one in it!  But with baby in tow and hubby not far behind it’s downright ridiculously mind numbing…at times. 


When you buy a new pair of red shoes and make them into laced up ballerina slippers.  They can make you look like the princess you know is down there somewhere.  This can almost make you want to brush your teeth.

All I need to do is watch my husband make our baby smile and every little annoyance and sacrifice is worth it.  Or is this just the sleep deprivation talking?


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  • Rose

    September 28, 2015 at 5:48 pm

    Alia, I’m so very sorry life is giving you so many trials right now. I can certainly understand as I am going through many of my own. First, you body looks amazing!! Your curves are beautiful. I have health issues that have caused me to gain so much weight, so I look very different now than 5 years ago:( I was the mom that had a baby and was a size zero. I actually got too thin from having a fast metabolism and breast feeding. It is definitely different for everyone. Also, I was in thesame situation as you are now with having a baby and a husband unemployed. Your faith will get you through this tough time. You have a beautiful and healthy family. Those are the most important things. I will be praying for you. You are so very beautiful both inside and out-don’t ever forget that!!


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