So Easy!

What is so great about this dress? 

I’ll tell you.  It’s comfortable.  Amazingly comfortable.  I’m so tired of dresses that feel tight and don’t give.  This one gives and flows at every turn.

It’s also this wonderful trendy bold dark pattern against a light contrasting background.  I see this  everywhere and it’s a perfect combination for any time of the year.  It can go casual and dressy.  It’s the all around staple in your wardrobe.    

It’s flattering and falls perfectly in all the right places.  I’ve seen this style on just about every body type and it works. 

This dress can be had online at Karina, The Original Easy Dress.  Karina Cousineau has definitely designed the ultimate “easy” dress with style and comfort.

Can just one dress be so utilitarian and yet be beautiful and right for any kind of occasion?  I think so.  Look around and you’ll see pretty contrasting dark and light patterns everywhere but in this style all I can say and have been saying, it’s perfect.

Dress: c/o Karina Dress-Peggy Long Sleeved







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