Happy Days Ahead

My life, lately, has been a whirlwind of crazy. 

From a quick, miserable work weekend in Canada to packing up and moving out of our house, I feel like I’ve been running a marathon.  Although, only moving a short distance away that never matters when it comes to the moving in and unpacking. 

With a walking 11 month old and unexpected work projects came the cleaning of the old home.  The overdoing part of cleaning is in my genes.  I don’t mean to over pack, over clean, over everything.  Suicide by cleaning.  Truly, there are better ways to go.

We are happily in our new home and find this time in our lives kind of wonderful. 

This beautiful dress has alluded me for too long.  I have scoured every online boutique but it has been sold out and you can see why.  Tenacious as I am, I found it.  I love it and even if it’s not maternity it works perfectly.  So much to love about it like the front knot and the floral fabric.  It’s just a happy dress and that says it all about life right now.

Photography by Kailee Dean


Dress: Poppy& Dot also here









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