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Casual Days

Lately I feel like life has been moving in fast forward, you know on your remote you can fast forward through the commercials, but still kind watch them? Thats my life.

Dax turns 1 next week. I’m already half way through this pregnancy. My days don’t have enough hours in them and I can’t get food into my mouth quick enough!

If I could have like 2-3 days to catch up that would be great. I know pretty much everyone wishes that, isn’t that what the weekends are for?!

Everyone said “welcome to the fast lane” after Dax was born and I never believed that until recently. Life is SPEEDING by. Summer is almost here. Dax is a toddler, I am growing too fast and I cant hit pause. I can’t rewind it either. I have been learning to enjoy the moments, I take more time out to spend real quality time with Dax, he really responds and needs it. I have to spend time with my husband, but I also have to spend time by myself. I enjoy my sleep dates I have every night! ūüėČ

This weekend will be jam packed, but I am happy about that. This weekend take the time to enjoy the little things.

Photography By Kailee Dean

Shirt: c/o PinkBlush Maternity Jeans: Jcrew Maternity Shoes: c/o T&N Collection

Purse: Nordstrom Sunglasses: Ray-Ban 50mm






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