Easy Chambray

Recovering from the holiday weekend, getting caught up on work and cleaning my house like a storm from hell, you could say it’s been a week…(silent scream)!

Cleaning never stops.  You get off the merry-go-round to have some time to ignore it or do something where you aren’t in it but you have to  jump back on.  And it never stops going round and round and round.  The cycle is irritating beyond words.  Everything just gets dirty again!

Every time I clean my house I swear we almost end up in the hospital.  But who can function in mess, dirt and CAT HAIR?  That is a place I cannot even fathom.  I have minor OCD…no…I have between minor and HUGE with clean and orderly.  I’m the crazy cat person who hates hair and kitty litter.  I’m beginning to rethink do I really love cats?

Dax was too weeks early.  I mopped the floor the day before he was born.  I did a lot of strenuous things when I was pregnant the first time, like moving from Las Vegas to San Diego.  I’m doing a lot of strenuous things this pregnancy like moving.  Same city, different house.  Still…

Sometimes I think (thinking is good) if I’m active enough maybe this kid will come early.  Then I think do I really want to begin the “mom with two babies ordeal”?  Somedays yes, some days no.  This baby is going to come when he’s ready and I’m not sure there is much I can do about it.  But he better come after I’ve cleaned my house the day before.

Maternity dresses are worn for only a short amount of time.  So I was hesitant to buy this dress due to not really “needing” it.  But it’s the kind of dress that’s going to be perfect for after pregnancy and the most important thing – nursing!!  So, therefore, I actually needed this dress.  Chambray is soft and comfortable and one of my most favorite fabrics.  This dress is also perfect for summer and I’m done with pants.  Besides you’ll look amazing because it’s flattering.


Dress: Gap Maternity Shoes: Nordstrom









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