My Little Me

Dax loves water.  He loves to drink it, play in it and look at it.  And of course, the ever tempting, forbidden toilet water.

Over the 4th of July weekend, we went to the ocean and the minute Dax saw the water he took off and headed for the beach.  He would have let the waves carry him out if we hadn’t caught him.  Every time we tried to interest him in something else he just ran for the waves again.  I was taken by surprise at how much he loved the ocean and all that water.

Thank goodness for cute little pools you can put in your backyard.  It keeps him engaged for a few hours and gives me the opportunity to not have to do anything but sit, watch, let my mind wander or play on my phone.  I don’t have to go anywhere with an uber, “over interested in everything” toddler!

This bathing suit from Little Me Clothing is so retro and adorable.  Not only that but it protects him from the sun and those nasty burns.  At this age, when clothes are particularly annoying this little suit is comfortable and he doesn’t mind it.  It’s simple and has trunks to wear as well.  It’s just the most perfect little suit.  

Because it protects so well, I am going to keep him in this body suit for as long as I can!

You can find Little Me clothing at stores like Nordstrom’s, Babies R Us and Macy’s.

You can also buy direct from the site here






Let’s not forget about baby boy in utero! How cute is this perfect nighty


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