DockATot – Safe Harbor for Baby

Soon, we’ll be adding another little person to our family.  With Dax being just 15 month’s old, life will be hectic juggling two babies in diapers.  When I saw the DockATot my first thought was, “I so wished I had known about this when Dax was born”! 

Most babies want to sleep with mom but transitioning them to their own bed is an exhausting ordeal.  Because Dax slept with me, I don’t expect this baby to be any different.  With the DockATot, not only is it safe to sleep with the baby, you can use it anywhere.  I thought of the uncomfortable nights with Dax struggling to sleep in his portable crib when we traveled.  DockATot is like taking your babies bed with you.  I would love to take my own mattress on trips away from home.

It’s perfect for outings and not having to put your baby on someones’ carpet.  The sides are firm, the material is soft and breathable which gives babies a secure and comfortable environment.  It can even be used for changing diapers.

I’m so excited about this product!  It’s worth every penny and more.  It’s portable, washable, lightweight and can be taken anywhere.  A miracle product?  We’ll see.  Just the thought of my baby sleeping better and making my life easier, DockATot will be that and more.






Thank you Dockatot for sponsoring this post, all opinions are mine 🙂



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