Casually Waiting

I’m trying to be casual.  Trying to be indifferent so I can get my mind off being impatient.  Trying not to be irritated at no change in dilation than the week before.

I was counting on an early baby like Dax.  Approaching and passing week 36 than 37 with no baby, trying to patient quickly evaporated.  Dax was over six pounds shy of seven and now, a bigger baby looms on my horizon.

Casually waiting.  Trying to be laid back.  It’s not working quit as well as I would like.

We walk to the park every night trying to be as active as I can.  Remembering, again, how important it is to soak in alone time with Dax.  Cuddles, trips, and lunches.  In a week or so those will be far and few between.

I wore this super comfortable and relaxed outfit to dinner with the boys.  Its getting very hard to “dress” these days.  These jeans are from NYDJ and I highly recommend them.  They’ll make you look less wide and they really lift and keep your belly comfy and simply, they rock!

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Shirt: Gap maternity Chambray: JCrew Jeans: c/o NYDJ Shoes: JCrew Factory






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