Really Good Hair Day

I don’t like investing in or shopping for hair “tools”.  I’ve been using a cheap $22.00 blow dryer from Target lately and I’ve been using it far longer than I should, which is never good for hair.  It takes too long and ends up making my fine and thin hair too puffy.  When you get your hair done at the salon they use professional hair dryers and that is why we can never get our hair to look the same way, or at least I can’t!

GHD- Good Hair Day products are highly rated.  I was excited to try this blow dryer and see if there really is a difference in quality when it comes to price.

Honest opinion and reaction:  Yes, it does make a difference.  I was so impressed.  In fact, I threw my old one away right after I used GHD.  It was quieter, it didn’t get blazing hot, I didn’t need to use the highest setting, and honestly afterwards my hair could literally be done. No need to straighten or “fix” it,  it was amazing. I love this blow dryer. Its an investment that will last for a long time. If you think about all the cheap dryers you go through, you could have bought one good one and had good hair!


So, after blow drying my soft hair- I love to wear my hair straight and curly, but honestly straight is easier, especially for this momma! The platinum straightener is like an advancement in technology. #1 it makes a cool sound when you turn it on, then chimes when its ready to use! It doesn’t squeak like my old CHI. What i noticed most was that as I am straightening my hair it doesn’t steam… has that happened to you? I wonder if its because my blow dryer works so well now, or because the heat distribution is literally perfect! I love it. I really cant stress enough how great these hair tools are.

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So with great tools comes great products right?! The Advanced Split End Therapy is gold, just like the bottle. It smells great and it does not weigh my hair down. I feel like it does a really good job protecting my hair. I am a true convert now to ghd. I recommend these products specifically because I have used them, but feel confident in their other products as well!





Thank you to GHD and for sponsoring this post. All opinions are truly mine and honest.



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