Bundle Me Up

Todays post is sponsored by J.J. Cole a favorite brand of ours!

The weather here, in San Diego, is bipolar. During the day the temperature can reach up to 90 degrees then plummet as low as 60 degrees at night. I love it, but I do long for seasons that change. Going to the beach in October is awesome but I miss falling leaves in those gorgeous, rich Autumn colors and cold crisp air reminding me that winter and snow are on their way. The other night we went on a family walk and it was cold, and cold by Southern California standards is about 67 degrees. 

Nick is never cold, hence his outfit, but me and the babies needed a little extra warmth so I pulled out this JJ Cole Bundleme.  This cozy works for the stroller and carseat. Troy is too small for our stroller and with Dax recovering from a bad case of croup we had him all cuddled up in its soft plushy material.  You can also remove the soft cover if it gets too warm.

We’ll pass this down to Troy when he gets bigger but right now he’s wearing this adorable Bundleme hat.  So warm!  Bundleme has other cute accessories to protect sweet little heads, hands and feet against cold weather temperatures.

I miss the east coast during this time of year where Autumn is really spectacular.  The trees are explosions of rich colors.  They fall to be raked into piles we dived into when we were kids. It’s tradition. It is harder to get into the spirit but I can’t complain…who doesn’t love the sun and warmth year round and hanging out at the beach?








As always all opinions are mine- thank you to J.J. Cole for sponsoring this post




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