A Real Goddess Mom of San Diego

Most of my photos are taken on Sundays.  It’s the one day of the week that I get REALLY ready.  Contour my face, pretty my hair and find the outfit that makes me feel happy.  On this particular evening’s, “after dinner, boys bath time then clean up” routine, I found myself on the floor, in front of the TV watching my equivalent of TV junk food, Real Housewives.  Folding my never ending piles of laundry, I’m pondering how simple my life is compared to others.

I think of some of the really big bloggers I feel like I want to aspire to be.  They live in million dollar homes with professional photographers and have bodies made for Victoria’s Secret runways.  I wonder, are they folding, their little one’s pants and thinking, “he’s going to be two times bigger next year.  This pile will just go on and on and on”!  Do they get on their hands and knees cleaning up smooshed bananas and beef?  (Dinner was weird tonight.)

My point is, we never really know the weirdness in other’s lives. We each fight our own battles every day.  Seeing these picture perfect photos of families and homes, you cannot help but compare and desire to be like them, or have what they “seem” to have.

I wonder if others think that about me.  I know what’s behind my photos and it’s pretty simple.  My own struggles are unique to me but not uncommon.  And I know millions of dollars won’t insure problems and struggles will go away.  But…I wouldn’t mind trying it out just to see!

You won’t need even a hundred dollars for this dress.  In fact you don’t even need $50.00!  I adore, adore, adore it.  I love the train in the back, the wrap, the fabric and the sleeves.  I wore it to Troy’s baby blessing and I felt like a mom goddess!

You can get this dress and more beautiful pieces at Wight Gold .

Meanwhile, I’ll be over here in the finally cold San Diego cleaning and hoping for a shower at 1pm today!








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