Snowflake GiveAway

Christmas is round the corner ya’ll!

Last night my husband and I sat down and and calculated how much we have already over spent on Christmas.  Looks like I won’t be spending money for anything way into next year!  (Which means for just a few weeks.)

Overspending during Christmas seems to be a tradition.  Trying to buy the perfect gift, trying to get through three times as much gas burning traffic and buying a weeks worth of food for the Christmas feast is overwhelming and takes away the magic.  In the back of my mind worrying about brakes, baby needs and where we want to be this coming year can take the silver and gold right out of Christmas.

Next year, we’ll plan a little better, pare done the maybe, unrealistic expectations of the perfect childlike expectations and then just go with it.  Last minute shopping can bring about a surprising perfect gift and more simple Holiday meals can mean more room for sugar plums and amazing pies.

Well, my wonderful readers, I have the perfect gift for a friend, sister, mom or someone who needs to feel a little more Christmas Spirit. 

I have partnered with Helen Ficalora Jewlery and I this beautiful sterling silver, snowflake necklace I’m wearing is my Christmas Giveaway.

You will get it in time for the Holiday and can wear it forever.  So “just let it go”, I mean Elsa is never going out of style so you can wear that snowflake in the summer if want!  It’s my favorite piece of jewelry right now.  Look how pretty it is!

To enter please use the rafflecopter link below and the winner will be announced December 31st.

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