If you follow me on snapchat (aliapreston) you’ll know that I am on this high and low roller coaster of events. Most recent event is the nasty case of thrush that both Troy and I have.

Last week was hard, I didn’t handle it well, Troy had an ear infection, Dax had a cold. Both boys were not sleeping and I was trying to get my life back on track from the holiday. I was very optimistic about this week. I was ready to conquer my to-do list and work my little butt off.

Over the weekend we took down the guest bedroom and officially put Dax into the big room and Troy now has his own room. I was planning on doing some legit sleep training, BUT queue to Sunday and feeling like Troy was sucking glass through my boob while nursing, I knew something was wrong

So Monday felt like a week long day. Does that make sense? By the time I got our medication from the dr and I got home for dinner I felt like it was Thursday!

Here’s the thing, I am trying. I am really trying. I am working everyday for my actual paying job. I am trying ot keep up with my blog and social media. I am trying to be a good mother to a son who eats everything and poops right after I change his diaper (3x in a row) and I am really trying to not roll my eyes when Troy wakes from his 32 minute nap.

I found that I was able to find joy in some moments. I got a huge salad from Chipotle, closed my bedroom door and ate dinner quietly..ALONE. It was just the 19 minute refresher I needed to finish the day and get the boys to bed.

I have realized that I like to complain. I like to fuss about how hard my life is. I have felt like I am on an upward nasty battle ever since Troy was born. Total opposite from Dax and comparing them has done me no good. Troy is different, and will have different trials and I need to be better at not resenting Troy because he’s not like Dax was.

Tomorrow is a new day. It will be a better day, and if its not- well thats okay because I’m now eating dark chocolate and that makes everything better.

How do you see the good when it feels like everything is falling down?

Oh ya! This dress- I love it, if its in your size buy it! It has pockets and its comfy, on sale and I felt pretty on Sunday!

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