Heart Stealer

Before I begin, lets talk about how hard it is to take photos with a toddler.  Pretty much impossible.


My good friend recently started her own children’s clothing company and this darling shirt couldn’t be more perfect for Valentines Day! Little Big Heart Clothing Co. has the cutest Tees!

Dax’s personality has been so tender lately coupled with a big chunk of monster attitude. He likes to scream a lot and loves to laugh. Daddy is his favorite person, he’s mine too, but I’m not as good at playing cars and kicking balls around the house as he is.

Babies take up so much of your time and I just don’t get enough special time with Dax. I have moments when I wish it was just Dax and I, for a little bit longer.  As he gets older and more independent, he’s easier to be with.  I wish (so many wishes) I could embrace these milestones instead of feeling I’m rushing through them sleep deprived and stressed.

I am sure I will feel the same later when both boys are much, much older and we have another little babe in our home.  Parenting is hard. Embracing even the crappy moments is even harder. But it’s moments when I get him to smile or he’s learned how to kiss me that I feel all is right in the world and we are exactly where we are supposed to be, stress and all.

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