Motherhood Life

I get asked A LOT, “how do you do it?”

What is “it”

I am a mom of two, to a climbing 21 month old and a screaming 5 month old

I work 25+ hours a week (thats a good week) from home as a Marketing Manager for an awards company- I manage 22 festivals all online, emails, awards, our customer service and back end website stuff

I blog.

I am a wife.

and now, I just joined Maskcara Cosmetics as an artist ambassador.

I really don’t do it all by myself. I have a lot of help. Dax is in “day care” 1x a week for 4 hours. My gracious mother in law also takes Dax once a week for the whole day.

I have help. But I do a lot.

Some days are crazy and some are so exhausting and hard that I want to give up, run away to Mexico, change my name and start selling basket weaves on the beach.

Really though. I cannot sit still and I have been having a hard time lately as I fight this post partum, deal with normal stresses, then the added stresses that I give myself, my job, my blog, and now I want to change the faces of women all over the world with make up.

I. Am. Crazy.

As I sit here typing listening to the rain pound on my roof and windows, I get grateful for the many advantages I do have. I am happy in a general sense. I am happy in an eternal sense but times I feel like something is missing, like a dog or 1 million dollars. Either way, my message is this.

No one has it together as they appear. Those gloating on social media with pictures of their perfectly cleaned homes and pretty sleek hair.. they are a mess too. They have crappy days (literally) (we all poop)

I wish there was a really pretty way of showing the messes though. Because lets be honest, no one is going to like the photo of me in my nasty “mom clothes” with spit up and 6 day old hair in my messy living room and clutter house, you just wont. I can guarantee it.

But here are some pretty picture of me when I do get dressed. When I wear actual clothing and do real things, like go get groceries and buy coke slurpees.

Happy Monday Readers (if you’re still there)






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