A Brillant Smile


Most people hate their teeth.  This isn’t uncommon for most of us and I am no exception.  They aren’t horrible and cavity ridden, which I am grateful, but because they are so uneven.  A smaller than normal tooth gives the impression of one missing and makes my smile look unbalanced.   

Self consciousness ruled my smile.  I would watch people’s eyes stare at my teeth or when I talked.  It’s sad for someone to judge you for things like that but being young and at times made fun of it bothered me. 

So aside from them not being picture perfect, one way that helps me feel confident is having a white smile.

I’ve tried strips, lightening trays, toothpastes, and even the banana trick (rubbing banana on your teeth)…none panned out.  I have always wanted my teeth professionally whitened but the cost is out of my reach.  Those at home trays don’t mold your teeth correctly and because my teeth are uneven the whitening was uneven as well. 

But, I have discovered the best solution for you and your wallet.  It’s called Smile Brilliant.

You can get custom teeth trays at home all DIY. What I love is that you get professional teeth whitening at home!


There is an easy mixture to make a mold of your teeth.


Once you completed the mold, you slip it in the pre labeled envelope and mail it back for them to make your custom fitted trays.


I used the trays for 2 weeks and had amazing results.  I would use them while getting ready for the day.  I would start just before showering and take them off when my hair is done.



The most exciting part of this post is I have teamed up with Smile Brilliant to give away a whole system to one of you!



I honestly love this product, my husband wants it! I have tried everything to whiten my teeth and I haven’t found anything as good, price, quality and convenience.. this is it!

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