One Picture Can Say It All

When I was pregnant with Troy I told myself I would do all the things I wish I had done for Dax.   I wanted to take pictures every month and keep a journal of all those joyous moments that are forgotten so easily.  My good intentions go by the way side with the chaos and busyness of life.  I am sad to say I don’t have a journal.   

Pinterest is an amazing place full of ideas and wonderful projects just for documenting baby’s great moments so we can go back and reminisce on those sweet memories.  But where would I find the time and space to make these projects a reality without my toddler making his own crazy memories with destruction and mess.

Thank goodness for my smart phone camera.  This is about as far as I get in chronicling life with my kids.  But isn’t a picture worth a thousand words?  Sometimes a really great photograph says it all.  Like Dax eating the glue and covering himself with stickers from my failed Pinterest project.  That’s a memory that doesn’t need any words. 

Joann Grace Designs is a mom made company that designs the softest blankets you’ll ever cuddle in your life!  I love my kid’s names all over the blanket.  This is truly a keepsake and I hope Dax and Troy will love them throughout their babyhood.  They will always know who they are and no fighting over a blanket!

I actually snuggle with these blankets when given the chance they are so soft!  With Easter coming up, get your sweet little babies something they will forever love.  You can chose the colors, specifics and the price is reasonable.

Joann Grace Designs 

Do you feel like you fall short at the whole Pinterest mom things?  If so what do you wish you could do or if you’re a rock star at capturing the best moments tell me your secrets!






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