I Love Blogging

I love blogging.  I love sharing fashion posts and all kinds of products new and unusual.  I started in 2003 and here I am!  Still!

The blogging world has changed.  There’s Instagram where I can reach more readers.  I love it when someone discovers my blog through one of my Instagrams.  Facebook is another way to be found.  It’s such a great feeling when my readers love what I love.

Even though it’s well known “influencers” buy likes and followers, I sometimes, feel frustrated by it.  The whole blogging scene can seem fake and shallow.

Influencers take away the true essence of why we all began to blog.  It turns what is supposed to be our genuine love and passion into a cheap and hollow showcase of “look at me, I’m more popular than you”!

It begs this question, “why put up such a facade”?

I feel like I got lost for a bit.  I started to compare myself to other bloggers and their content.  It was consuming, it was dark but I came to the realization that if Instagram died tomorrow, would I have lost anything?  If blogging died, would I end?

Of course not!

All that aside, I’ve been blessed to have such a great opportunity to bring part of my little world into other people’s lives.  And that’s what it’s all about, making the world a little smaller and intimate.  There’s a million bloggers out there.  Here is a big thank you, to you, my readers, for sticking with me.

This beautiful dress is from Miss Match Boutique here in San Diego.  Don’t fret!  They have an amazing selection of clothing and accessories and my fave shoes all online! 

Dress: c/o Miss Match Shoes: Rebecca Minkoff Necklace: The Styled Collection

Photograph by Morgan Dove









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