My little Grabber

How is it that babies grow up so fast?! Troy will be 8 months on the 10th. He is already standing up, he crawls everywhere, he is on the move.

He also loves food (if you cant tell) He is a whopping 20lbs! He eats everything. So finding foods to keep him entertained at the same time can be a feat. He is so independent that he loves to feed himself. If you know anything about kids, this stage is messy! I am slowly letting him feed himself the best he can with certain foods.

One of the best toddler inventions are the baby foods in pouches. I can take them on the go, no spoons needed and it helps when your babe loves them!

Gerber Grabbers with smart flow are now over taking my cubbards. Troy will eat 1-2 a day! oh, and Dax- he loves them even more. The Smart Flow pouches have a customized opening that controls the flow. Its opening is sized perfectly for what’s inside the pouch and has gentle rounded edges!

Head over to your local Kroger and get as many as you can! Also use this coupon!







This one was for fun- his brother was trying to feed him and well, did a great job!




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