Sky Blue

Lately my life has taken a turn down a road I wished I never had to travel. On Monday I started experiencing sharp pains in my stomach. I wasnt sure if it was just from my bad diet over the weekend (disney food) or something else serious going on. As the night progressed the pain got worse, so the ER we went.

After a CT scan it was confirmed I have appendicitis, so they removed my appendix at about 3am Tuesday morning. I was lucky that it didnt burst and the surgery was so quick and clean, they sent me home at 6am.

Recovery has been hard, and it was quite honestly the worst time ever to need round the clock care. I cant pick up the boys for 2 weeks! I have been super lucky to get any help at all but I feel like right now I am just, surviving.

 I can feel the progression to healing each day progress, just as a mom it seems unfair to have to go through this. Moms should get health passes. No sickness, no surgeries, no ANYTHING to make our already busy and frustrating (at times) lives just a TAD easier!

I am counting my blessings, and I am grateful that this hasn’t been worse. I am also grateful for kids who have been decently behaved, though today Dax put about 2 cups of baby lotion in his hair (SMH)

So, here’s a fave outfit I shot a few weeks ago. I love the details of this shirt, and these shoes. I seriously wear them ALL the time!

Shirt: Gap Pants: c/o Articles of Society Shoes: Nordstrom Rack Necklaces: Made by Mary w/love






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