Red & White All Over

I have a hard time allowing others to do things that I know I can do better. Like cook dinner, or bring a dessert, maybe even clean my house. Funny fact about me, when I was living in Texas I worked as a home organizer and cleaned part time. I am VERY good at cleaning. I hate to clean my own home, but I know I can do it better than hiring anyone else to do it, even though I have.

My point is, when I have too much on my plate, I still find it hard to let go of things that maybe others can do for me and allow my burden to lift a little.

I know as women, even more so mothers we take on way too much. I have crashed and burned several times. I am trying to steer clear of the crash zone, but I do find myself getting close to the edge!

I know everyone is obsessed with the Nordstrom Sale right now, but let me just talk about these jeans, they are SUPER affordable and


Jeans: c/o Miss Match SD  Shirt: c/o Miss Match SD Shoes: Nordstrom






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