Water Baby

We love baby bath time.  It’s something about the pure joy of water and freedom that makes it so fun.  Baths are just little miniature water parks for tiny humans.

Soaps and shampoos are important because the wrong ones can be disastrous.  Suds in baby’s eyes are no fun!  Mustela is absolutely perfect.  It’s gentle and tear free!  Mustela uses natural ingredients and is a responsible, environmentally conscious company.

Our Boon baby bathtub makes bath time fun because it keeps Troy in one place.  It has this great contoured, reclining back for newborns, or older babies like Troy if he just wants to chill.  Fat chance!  That would communicate tiredness.  Few babies make that mistake.  It has a color changing temperature gauge which I love.  It’s safe and makes slippery babies easy to manage.

If I didn’t have this tub I wouldn’t be able to shower. We put this tub in our stand up shower and Troy sits and plays while momma gets clean and can keep him safe! Thank you Boon for this amazing product and for blessing our home!








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