A new space for me



I feel like it can slowly be dying a long drawn out death, but I also feel like there are people out there who legitimately are tired of the same ol’ thing every time they come across a “blogger” and crave the inspiration?

I have been blogging for a few years now. Most recently I became completely burnt out. Feeling pressure to keep up. Feeling uninspired and believe it or not, felt like a complete failure.
I felt like a failure because if you look at the track records of most bloggers, they have far surpassed my stats, followers and status in this social media world, where I have fallen backwards, and slowly moved back up the blogger status pole, but I haven’t really moved past a point. Could be my own fault, could be I blended in too much with the crowd and no one has been inspired by my “blog”
So I took a step back. I have kept my toes in the pond. I kept feeling this looming pressure to continue what I started. I started this blog because I truly love fashion, believe it or not I was an assistant buyer for a boutique, I have actual sketches of clothing that I one day want to design and I worked as a stylist. Cleaning out closets and helping women refashion their wardrobes and find their “style” and I get emails and texts weekly seeking advice on what to wear or where to find specific items.
I whole heartedly feel like I have a talent in this weird fashion world. I also feel like the majority of people I know (including family) don’t at all take me seriously.
The blogging world was a way for me to showcase my abilities. I got lost though. Got lost in the battlefield of sponsorships, numbers, likes and that damn click.
Well, I am back. I rebranded me. Little Mrs. Priss isn’t me. I am NOT prissy. I am fierce. I am loud spoken. I am opinionated and I am me. I couldn’t think of a catchy name to represent myself, but why not me? Alia Preston. That name will never change.
I hope you stay along for this journey. This space isn’t just fashion, its me, my life and I hope to inspire you all!

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