The Perfect Gym

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Working out is the easiest thing to put off for tomorrow which becomes six months down that road we should have been walking or running on.  But it’s the most rewarding thing we can do as moms.  We need the lift of those endorphins while lifting our bums as well! 

A few months ago, I got a gym membership but I have only gone a handful of times.  My boys hate the little children’s play center.  There’s also that self conscious thing.  I feel I should be in makeup wearing the coolest work out clothes.  It always feels like creepy men are staring from the corners of their eyes. 

Recently, along with a few of my fellow mom influencer friends, I was invited to check out Curves®  in Oceanside, California.

I thought Curves®  was a class gym, you know, like step and zoomba.  To my surprise it was the perfect gym for me.  No classes, you can just walk-in and get a great upper and lower body work out in 30 minutes. 

No mirrors, no makeup, no men and no stress!  Once we started the circuit I felt like I belonged and was totally comfortable.  Being able to do a complete body work out in only 30 minutes in such a great atmosphere has motivated me to fit gym time in my week, no matter what.


Curves Oceanside -1-179

Curves Oceanside -1-267The benefits of working out at Curves:

 Each workout set is only 30 seconds which makes each station manageable.

Coaches are there by your side to help with form, results and keep you on track plus no extra fee for a personal trainer.

You work out every muscle group during each 30 minute set!

The space is built to maximize your time, no TV, no areas to “hang out”, and no small talk.  It’s designed to encourage you to work out and get on with your life.  No more stress feeling like you need to carve out one or two hours just for the gym and then the guess work of what to do is eliminated!

Curves Oceanside -1-22

AND, it’s fun!

So do yourself a favor and check out your local Curves® 

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