New Life

Hi. It’s me, Alia. It has been quite a while since I’ve been actively writing.

Part of me has felt this intense pressure to come up with internet breaking content, the other part is lazy and then theres the reality. TIME.

My husband and I both work from home now and I thought with that change that I would have 3x the time to do all the things I want to do. Reality is, I am terrible at time management and feel guilty if Nick hangs out or watches the boys while I “blog”

So here I am. Starting the new year, I just finished my first meal plan, first shopping trip and now find a moment to myself locked in my room while my sick boys hang out and whine about everything in the toy room with dad.

Troy is 16 months on the 10th. I still cant believe that he’s grown as quickly as he has. He is still in first place for being our hardest child..yet. We are still struggling with getting un-interrupted nights sleeps. He loves to eat carbs, ALL. THE. TIME. His favorite movie is Finding Nemo, and loves Boo from Monsters Inc. He is our loudest child, meaning he screams and cries and throws tantrums everyday. He has a hard time being happy, but when he is, it is glorious and heart warming. Today I took a bath with him to help relive his sore body and stuffy nose. He and I laughed up harder than I have in a long time just by the simplest slap on my bare wet thigh as I gasped each time I could then see all 18 of his tiny little teeth.

Dax will be 3 in May, which feels like is right around the corner. He has recently learned how to play with the Ipad mini and my phone. If I leave my phone alone for just a second he quickly swipes open the PBS app and plays this funny little food game with Bert and Ernie. He is still (knocking on wood) taking a nap 1x a day. Most days we get just an hour but there are those sweet days we get a nice 2-3hr nap out of him. He is learning new words everyday and realizing how communication gets him more of what he wants. He is our sweetest cuddler. He has the softest heart and despite his demeanor he is very sensitive. He hates to share with Troy, as of right now he’s crying because Troy is currently playing with a toy that he hasn’t touched in 3 days.

Nick, this post will be too long if I post about him. But in short, he’s been playing a better role as mom than I have. He gets up with the boys and gets their breakfast started and lets me sleep a little longer, sometimes too long. He keeps our home clean and thrives now on organization. He loves his little boys and they love him just as much if not more. He’s been working on new projects and staying patient as he watches something we made grow into a new business. I am lucky to have him, lucky that he’s a hard worker and lucky that he takes on my dreams just as much as I take on his.

Last but not least..Kong, the dog. We adopted a dog. Not a pup..a king kong of a dog. 100lb pure bred Dalmatian who is a lot like Dax, very sweet and sensitive but loves to play and run and play and run and pee and poop and destroy toys and drinks water like hes scuba diving. I dont want to share too much as his story of how he became a member of our family will be on this blog very soon! I love him, the others are growing to love him.

I have a goal to continue this blog more because I find joy in writing and sharing. I have lots of exciting things to share soon (NOPE Not pregnant) so stay tuned!



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