Kong the King Dog

If you have been following me for awhile, I have posted about this adorable Dalmatian on my Instastories but I haven’t formally introduced him.
This is Kong. Our 11 month old Dalmatian puppy.
We weren’t looking for a specific dog, in fact we weren’t really looking at all.  But  I think I have always been on the look out I’ve just never noticed.  When you’re hanging out at pet stores because the kids “want to look”, or watching cute doggie and kitty videos, you’re going to find THE dog.  
There wasn’t a magical moment of knowing Kong was our dog. The owners wanted a family who could give him the love and attention he needed.  So, we decided to have him over for the weekend, to see how he would adjust.  Kong adjusted fine.  Nick, not so fine.  He has never had a pet in his life, not even a fish. We had cats but cats are not pets they are individuals who live under your roof and really want nothing to do with you unless they want something to do with you.
Nick asked why we needed a dog.  I asked why do you need a wife?  Forget that.  I said no one needs a dog.  But that’s not true either.  I JUST WANT ONE.  There is no objective way to decide on a dog.  It’s emotional.  So Nick reluctantly said, ok, I guess, whatever.  I said you’re going to love this dog!

Although Kong was on the verge several times of being evicted, he’s now part of the family.  He’s in school taking training classes. He’s getting very high marks.  He cleans the floors without even being asked.  He’s a sweet dog and loves everyone. Things are working out.

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