About Me

I’m Alia. My blog is about my love for fashion.  But fashion is not my number one love.  That would be my adorable husband and then my two little boys!  

Fashion, to me, defines who we are.  I believe the way one looks before going out the door determines how a woman feels.  She should look lovely no matter her body type or age and any woman can achieve a certain look or unique style on any budget.  

There’s something about fashion that never ceases to fascinate me.  It’s literally in everything and that translates into clothing in an intriguing way.  Through personal experience, experimentation and inspiration I can offer insights on how to build a classy wardrobe piece by piece through but not limited to online shopping tips and tricks. 

So come with me on this journey of domestic housewife plunders, everything involving a beauty counter, interesting eatables but mostly the big threes:  Clothes, shoes and purses.


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