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Spring Style

Spring is officially here.   However, in Vegas its more like summer everywhere else. Days are getting up to 90 degrees! Maybe I’ll do a post on how to stay cool while incubating what feels like a 20 pound pumpkin.  I feel like like the inside of an oven at 400 degrees. In my attempt…

Ethereal Feelings

Being pregnant is beautiful. It just doesn’t feel that way sometimes.  A lot of times, actually.  Getting into the waddling stage, not being able to see my feet much less cut toenails (perfect excuse for pedicures, however), feeling like Mother Earth is elusive if not downright impossible. But… This dress makes you look like a…

Real life

Do you ever have those days when you say “is this real life?” I have these moments throughout my days when I catch a glimpse of myself and see that I really am pregnant. Lately this little dude has been putting his feet in my sternum. It tingles all the time and is SUPER uncomfortable….

Stripes in the Blue

Can you see a trend? Blue everything lately. I laugh when people ask if I am having a boy, its obvious. I am wearing a blue shirt. or dress. I feel like I should be at the end of my pregnancy, but I still have 70 days to go! I have been slowly starting to…