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A tree without blossoms is like life without love

 Spring! Spring has finally arrived in Vegas! These blossoms are beautiful and the petals are falling like confetti. The weather is warm, there’s that feeling of newness all around and it’s making me happy! Today I’m feeling very retro. This outfit is so reminiscent of the 50s.  With spring in the air and these blossoming…

I rock a lot of polka dots

And I  have touched glitter in the last 24 hours! Honestly I love the show New Girl. I even got my coworker to watch it and he watched all episodes from start to finish in less than 24 hours! I love polka dots. How many times in the span of this blog do you think I…

Perfectly My Style

I must admit, this really is my style. I own everything on this post except #1, and # 7 I have always been in love with these colors, it might be a bad thing for my wallet that I continually keep finding things that speak to me and say “you will regret not purchasing me”…